Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thing #5

I love the benefits of Facebook. Last week my father was in the hospital and I used it to post updates to my family members across the state. It was very comforting when friends would post support! I was in the hospital for most of the week and it was very convenient to post just one thought instead of having to send email.  I have also used Facebook to find resources. It is a great platform to poll your friends on opinions on products or other items.
Twitter is something I haven't really delved into. I have an account and periodically someone will ask to follow me but I can not figure out why since I haven't "tweeted" about anything in over a year! I am still exploring the benefits of this resource.
I have attended a workshop where the presenter was "online" with the class and I found this to be fun! The responses were displayed on a screen behind the presenter and we all had a chance to respond or participate. Questions sparked more questions and I think this added to the presentation. However, the speaker definitely has to be comfortable with it or it could cause havoc on a presentation.

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