Monday, July 26, 2010

Thing #11

Digital Citizenship is a continuously changing medium. I think one of the trickiest challenges it poses is how quickly it changes. My five year old is more competent with online gaming than I am which is quite unnerving. As educators we are constantly being put in the role of learner. However, there are some basic online etiquette rules which will always be necessary. Your online "footprint" is a part of your identity. Companies now research applicants through social sites such as Facebook and Linked In. Some adults are intimidated by these sites but I think they are a part of our new reality and just like anything else we have to learn how to use them appropriately. However it is challenging since your student/child will inevitably come into contact with others online with less than desirable intentions. Even as an adult this can be initmidating. Our students have to be taught through role play and staged experiences what to do when these events happen.

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