Monday, July 26, 2010


My favorite exercises on this journey were Jing and Animoto. I had to play around with Jing for a little bit but I love how easy it is to embed an object or picture into my blog using this tool. It makes the entire internet a copy and paste board!!! I also enjoyes using Animoto and the ease of which you can create videos on the iphone and then send them directly to my blog! So simple!!! I can see where I could update my class blog from the simplicity of my phone! My phone is something I consistently carry and I could create teachable videos 24/7!

 This program has reinforced my quest for continued learning on 2.0 technologies. There is so much out there that I haven't even heard of! Watching my own personal children on the computer and their ease with new technologies has inspired me to learn from and with them.

I did not realize how easily Skype could be used to conduct class interviews from outside the classroom walls. I had created a blog before but this experience reminded me of the importance of a blog in maintaining communication with students as well as their parents. I came across a classroom blog where all the students had access to the blog with their own unique passwords. A student/parent could log in and comment on discussions even if they were absent for the day.

  I think that true beginners could probably use at least one initial face-to-face meeting before taking on the library to play programs. Once you get started, it is fairly easy. I really enjoy the fact that I can complete the assignments on my own time schedule!!! I also like the fact that help is only an email away!!! Great program and I am looking forward to Library 2 play 3 next summer!!!! Maybe we could even develop classes on just one of the web 2.0 tools that we thoroughly explore through a semester!

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  1. Love how you added your Second Life avatar to your blog to give us a glimpse into your little corner of the virtual world.
    So glad you found the things worthy of your time and it sounds like you have some great plans in your thoughts!
    Hope your second year with the i-touchs is twice as good an experience! Lucky kids!